With more than 10 years of experience, Philippe charms his audience with an intelligent and dynamic humour. He began clowning in hospitals, and this expe-rience has allowed him to develop a unique and sensitive style of clowning. In parallel he began performing clown on stage with his trio Les Trois Garçons, with their mentors James Keylon and Francine Côté. Since then he has had the plea-sure to work with many companies including: Cirque du Soleil, Nik Wallenda (Beyond the Falls), Cirque Eloize,
and Vague de Cirque.



The Crooner

The Charmants

Social Clown

In 2006 Philippe began working with Dr Clown as a therapeutic clown. During his years working with this organization he has visited (and still visits!) thousands of hospitalized children and elderly people in senior residences, bringing them comfort, and a dose of gentle, silly craziness. Under the direction of Olivier Hugue-Terreault, he participated in the creation of “Labelle Visit,” a therapeutic clown approach, developed specifically for our elderly. He then became a tea-cher/coach of this approach alongside Laura Lacoste to insure the continuity and development of the program

Labelle Visite on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa3JDwfeFHI&t=11s